Peter Tinsman

I have known Shane and his father, Mike since about 2007. It was obvious that Shane was taught from a very young age on how to be open and honest with people.  My wife and I were always impressed with his knowledge of the aircraft industry, his connections to great people who would be helpful once we had our plane and most importantly, his honesty and integrity.  

We had our King Air for 9 years and when it came time to sell it, I could think of no better person to assist in the process than Shane Ellis. He worked diligently to find and screen the right buyer and he made the sales process easy.  He was thorough in his review of the pre-buy inspection report, handled all of the mounds of paperwork dealing with the FAA and was great at negotiating a fair and equitable resolution of all items listed on the pre-buy inspection that needed attention.

After 14 years of knowing Shane Ellis’ integrity and knowledge, I have zero reservations on recommending him and highly doubt you will be able to find a more qualified and honest person.